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The Experience

Ever wonder what your group can expect when they go axe throwing?

When you first arrive by appointment or walk in we will get you to sign a waiver. If you’re under age (19 yo) a parent or guardian can sign for you. Once this is done, we will bring you over to a lane (or multiple lanes depending on group size), grab a drink on the way or get right into the action. Our axepert coaches will show you all the fundamentals and will be constantly checking in on you and coaching you to make sure everyone lands an axe. We also show you how to compete, and if you want us to coordinate a tournament…we can do that too!. We have a variety of different tournament and game types and are always adding new activities to appeal to a broader audience and make sure that everyone in your group enjoys themselves.

Now that you’re throwing, competing, etc, feel free to have a cocktail or local craft beer, and have fun Want to bring your own food in?? No problem; all our venues allow for outside food to be brought in, delivered, or dropped off. Need a place to put that cake?? No problem as long as we have the fridge space we’re happy to accommodate. Once a tournament champion has been crowned and your time has come to an end our staff will let you know. First with a 10 minute warning and then to let you know your time is over. So you can pose with your bulls eyes or as a group for a few pictures that our staff is happy to take.